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Anyone who has ever tried to sell their car or truck understands how irritating the process can be. Selling your car privately can lead to you getting low-balled and dealing with unscrupulous people and waiting months for a payoff. On the other hand, selling your vehicle to a dealership forces you to deal with opportunistic sales professionals who make an offer for what half the car is actually worth. Online Car Offers offers fair and honest offers and estimates when you’re looking to sell your car. We offer top cash for junk cars in New York or New Jersey. We’ve worked with private sellers for years. Call us today at 347-625-1685.

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We are mindful of the reluctance that many sellers have to sell their cars or trucks to car dealerships or leasing companies; and we’re here to take the worry and guesswork out of the process. Online Car Offers offers the fairest and most honest appraisal of your vehicle and makes you an on-the-spot offer based upon our criteria and the results of our appraisal. We don’t play games and we don’t employ any clandestine tactics. Online Car Offers is fully committed to helping you get the most for your car or truck. Contact our experienced and qualified appraisal specialists to schedule an appointment.

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Part of the way has been able to deliver the best selection and most affordable prices is by buying quality, clean and reliable cars from private customers just like you. We rely heavily on sellers to bolster our selection and give our customers maximum choice and selection. To that end, we are deeply committed to making you an offer for your car or truck that’s fair, affordable and honest. If you’re looking to sell your car or truck in NYC, NJ, PA, CT or anywhere else in the country, call today at 347-625-1685. We look forward to hearing from you.

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