Low-Cost, Hassle-Free Lease Return

One of the reasons why customers are so reluctant to lease a car rather than buy one outright is because they fear the costs and penalties associated with the lease return process. Very often, leasing companies impose costly and unreasonable fines and penalties for customers who find themselves unable to confirm to the often-rigid mileage parameters of their lease agreements. Online Car Offers is determined to make the lease return process easier for all our customers. We offer a variety of packages and options to make the lease return process easier. Call us today at 347-625-1685. We very much look forward to hearing from you.

Common Issues Associated with the Lease Return

Lessees experience a wide array of issues when it comes time to return their car or truck to their leasing company. Some of the more common expenses associated with the lease return process include, but are not limited to:
  • Disposition Fee (Clean-up, wear-and-tear repair, etc.)
  • Mileage Penalties
  • Early Lease Termination Fee
  • Outstanding Taxes
  • And More
In order to avoid these fees, it is recommended that lessees regularly maintain their cars, keep them clean and stay within their allotted mileage amounts every month. Online Car Offers offers expert lease return assistance to keep costs down and customers happy. You don’t have to dread this process.

Making the Lease Return Easier

In order to ensure there are no surprises during the lease return experience, Online Car Offers offers a variety of maintenance and mileage-extension packages that make it easier for you to keep your car maintained and within the allotted mileage parameters. These include things like wheel-protection and mileage extensions throughout the life of your lease, depending its length and duration. Contact our experienced and qualified leasing pros to learn more about these packages. There’s no reason to fear the lease return process. Call Online Car Offers today at 347-625-1685 to learn more about our options and what we can do for you.

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